East Midtown Waterfront Esplanade And Greenway, NY, NY

Ewell W. Finley, P.C. (EWF) has provided Hydrographic (Bathymetric) surveying services for the East River Esplanade project in New York, NY. The work consists of performing a bathymetric survey from 37 th street to 62 nd street (7500LF) and from the west shoreline of the East River eastward 200 LF. Bathymetric soundings were taken by a transom-mounted transducer on a zodiac style inflatable boat, with a 360 degrees prism mounted directly over the transducer. Scan lines of bathymetric readings were taken at 25 ft spacing along the hard shore line. Most of the in-water survey work was performed.

In addition to the original scope, EWF did a hard edge. Survey with benchmarks and a delineation of the top wall for abutment edge for the full length of the project. This includes ten (10) benchmarks at regular intervals with grid and dual datum control and tied to the land survey performed by others.

The Survey was conformed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Design Manual for Hydrographic Survey. QA/QC and Site Safety Plans were also prepared by EWF specifically for this project.

Direct Technical Hours: 166.00