Statewide Lidar Surveying And Mapping Services

The Project included verifying the validity of the PLS-CADD (Power Line System CADD Drawings) Plan and profile sheets. The work included verifying that the LiDar matched the specified feature codes and verifying that the PLS-CADD model, IEEE 738-2006 weather study. Attachments (images and dxf) and all the drafting setting are current and based on the client’s approved pilot line. Verifying the following items were also part of the project:

  • PLS-CDD version used
  • Basic LiDar check to confirm it matches specified feature codes
  • Alignment direction is correct
  • There is one PI under each street
  • Client specific coordinate system
  • Client specified FEA file was loaded
  • Clearance line and terrain width
  • Side profile
  • Spikes