United Airlines Hangar 2 Relocation (BUILDING 28), Laguardia Airport, Queens, NY

EWF has provided site/civil and structural engineering services in connection with the reassignment and modernization of Building No. 28 built in the 1960s for USPS’ use.

The project included the design of partition wall to divide the building into two portions for maintenance purpose by United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, bay wash area, overhead door modification to accommodate the maintenance vehicles and mechanical equipment, evaluation of the existing floor slab to assess its capacity to carry the new loads, design of retaining walls associated with the access ramps for vehicular use with expected 80,000 lbs loads, design of steel supports for HVAC roof top units, design of sanitary sewer and utility connections. As a result of field conditions the access ramp retaining wall were redesigned to bridge over
the city double barrel storm drainage structure crossing the airport site.

Under a separate United agreement, EWF has provided civil and structural design for the installation of Glycol tanks on the airside of its terminal at LaGuardia Airport. The design includes the tank concrete foundation and the layout of access path for glycol tankers and other vehicular equipment and related apparatus associated with the glycol application. EWF has also provided limited supervision and inspection services during construction.