Architectural Design Support

Structural Engineering


Ewell W. Finley, P.C. (EWF) combines its 40 years of experience with technical and engineering expertise to approach complex projects with highly specific, as well as broad requirements. EWF has designed a wide range of structures, facilities and buildings for both public and private sector clients. EWF combines its in-house engineering capabilities with architects and sub-consultants to determine the comprehensive and diverse needs of clients in terms of cost, time and quality.

EWF has the ability to provide complex computer-aided design calculations as required by individual clients. Our in-house design team has completed various structural designs that are sophisticated in design and substantial in size. Our capacity to do this enables us to create and evaluate a variety of design alternatives and conditions leading towards overcoming constraints and determining the most feasible and environmentally friendly design criteria to be implemented in our projects, such as:

  •     Correctional Facilities
  •     Police
  •     Firehouses
  •     Courthouses
  •     Government Office Buildings
  •     United States Postal Services
  •     Cultural Facilities/Museums
  •     Educational Facilities
  •     Environmental Sites
  •     Hospitals
  •     Housing Complexes
  •     Parks & Recreational Facilities
  •     Religious Facilities
  •     Bridges
  •     Airports
  •     Tunnels
  •     Highways
  •     Retaining Walls
  •     Foundation Systems
  •     Culverts


Civil Engineering


EWF also provides engineering services for improving community infrastructure. We have been highly involved in many projects providing a broad range of Civil Engineering services including:

  •     Earthwork
  •     Excavation
  •     Drainage Systems
  •     Site Grading
  •     Filling
  •     Site Geometry
  •     Curbing
  •     Paving
  •     Hydraulics
  •     Sidewalks
  •     Utilities Connections
  •     Sanitary Sewers
  •     Stormwater Management
  •     Street Reconstruction
  •     Parking Lots

Some other engineering and related services that we provide include: feasibility studies, structural innovations, alterations and restorations, structural value analysis, detailed drawings, specifications and cost estimations, forensic engineering and construction scheduling. Our engineers are familiar with fast-track design criteria to maintain tight construction schedules.

The review of design documents will be conducted and incorporated with specifications and cost estimates indicating layouts, profiles, sectors, details and related notes necessary to produce a highly reliable set of contract documents required for construction. A Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) review team will insure that highest standard of quality is achieved through internal review and several QA/QC meetings.

Our philosophy is to maintain close client contact, adhere to the project budget and develop an innovative and functional design suitable to client's specific requirements. Each project is approached in a unique yet systematic way regardless of size, scope or complexity.