Bridge Engineering & Inspection

Kosciuszko Bridge, Queens, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF prepared Right of Way (ROW) maps, acquisition maps and other survey related services in a joint venture with Iffland Kavanagh and Waterbury in preparation of the contract plans and specifications for maintenance and rehabilitation of the Kosciuszko Bridge and approaches. The work included an in-depth inspection of approximately 2000 reinforced concrete approach structures and 50-foot-high span structural street truss system on concrete and steel bents (over 20 spans). Responsibilities also included the complete topographical and utility survey and preparation of all base mapping. The survey work included aerial photography, stereo compilation ground control, field edit of manuscripts, data collection of tax maps, sectional maps and alteration maps.

Pedestrian Access Bridges, Riverbank Park, New York, NY

Client: NYS Department of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

EWF designed two bridges that extend from Riverside Drive to connect upper Manhattan with Riverbank Park atop the North River Pollution Control Plant. Each bridge crosses over Amtrak and the Henry Hudson Parkway and has a landscaped 19-foot-wide pedestrian promenade designed to be an extension of the Park itself. Both bridges will accommodate emergency and fire vehicular traffic. Each bridge has a concrete deck resting on five- to six-feet-deep curved, shallow, steel plate girders, which in turn sit on elliptically contoured concrete piers of up to 60 feet in height. The North Bridge has five spans and total length of 500 feet and the South Bridge has three spans and is 300 feet long.

Queens Midtown Tunnel 37th Street Bridge, New York, NY

Client: Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

The East 37th Street overpass spans the open portion of the Manhattan North Plaza of the Queens Midtown Tunnel at the end of the westbound tunnel tube. It is a concrete-encased steel girder bridge with granite stone facias. Its configuration fits the turning of the roadway towards the tunnel and its park environment at the portal of the tunnel. Our in-depth inspection, structural analysis and load ratings indicated that a complete replacement of the superstructure was required due to the extensive water damage incurred and low ratings. A new pre-stressed concrete box beam deck system, having a high local capacity, low overall department superstructure and carrying a planter terrace to match its adjacent park environment, was designed.

Grand Concourse Bridge over East 204th Street, Bronx, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF was responsible for the design under Phase V Package 3 of the New York City Bridge Rehabilitation program which includes an in-depth inspection, load rating and BRPR. Work included condition survey, traffic counts and analysis, topographic survey, design for rehabilitation of existing multiple steel girders, reinforced concrete deck and 1600 feet of pavement and retaining wall rehabilitation.

Various Biennial Bridge Inspections, County of Albany, NY

Client: NYS Thruway Authority

EWF provided engineering services to the New York State Thruway Authority for Biennial Bridge Inspection of 46 structures (I74 spans) including the structures carrying the Thruway over Katerskill Creek, Catskill Creek and Normanskill Creek. All the structures were under the authority of Albany County. EWF provided the inspection, preparation of project reports and quality control of all inspection reports on the structures assigned. EWF was also responsible for the required maintenance and protection of traffic and selection of inspection equipment.