Construction Management/Inspection

Ewell W. Finley, P.C. (EWF) Construction Management Services helps clients achieve the highest quality work on construction projects, whether it is new construction or renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings and structures. Employing a group of highly qualified Construction Managers and Engineers, EWF has the ability to provide Construction Management and Construction Inspection services necessary throughout every phase of the project from design to completion. Our services in the project will facilitate and ensure the completion of the project on time and within budget while meeting the comprehensive requirements of the project and achieving the highest quality end product.

EWF has a forty-year proven record of delivering quality Construction Management Solutions and Inspection Services, gaining trust and confidence from our clients. Our Construction Managers and Inspection personnel are capable of identifying the specific requirements through every construction phase and monitoring the quality of construction work, materials & equipment used, and labor.

EWF's Construction Management and Inspection personnel have extensive knowledge and vast experience in examining buildings, airports, hospitals, highways and streets, sewer and water systems, bridges, and other structures. They will ensure that all construction, alteration and/or repair actions completed conform to building codes, safety regulations, and contract specifications. From the preliminary condition survey to the final comprehensive inspection, upon the completion of the construction, our Construction Managers and Inspectors will work closely with Engineers, Architects, Municipalities and other project team members to accomplish the project on time and within budget.

We believe in the safety of the construction site and the health issues of those who are engaged in the projects. The EWF project management personnel will ensure the safety of the site and that all related local, state and federal safety and health regulations are followed strictly.