Construction Management/Inspection

Catskill Delaware UV Disinfection and Filtration, NY

Client: NYC Department of Environmental Protection

EWF as a sub-consultant to Hazen Sawyer/Camp Dresser & McKee was responsible for providing topographic survey for design including a property line survey of 153 acres, layout of borings and coordination of approximately 300 wetlands and flags, as well as construction management services.

Citywide Parks and Playgrounds - Field Inspections

Client: NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

EWF provided field inspection for CNYG 897R project. Work involved reconstruction of play equipment, safety surfaces, handball court and general site work at citywide parks. EWF was sub-consultant to Abel Bainnson & Butz Architects.

Castleton Avenue Improvements, Staten Island, NY

Client: NYC Economic Development Corporation

EWF provided construction inspection, supervision and management in connection with pedestrian environment improvement along Castleton Avenue. EWF also provided Engineering Design services for the projects.

Belt Parkway Safety Improvement, Brooklyn, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF provided construction inspection services related to safety improvements along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.

Battery Park City – Infrastructure Design, New York, NY

Client: Battery Park City Authority

EWF provided construction inspection for the Battery Park City Authority in connection with infrastructure design that included new streets, sidewalks, new utilities and street lighting.