Land Surveying & Mapping

Northern State Parkway/Route-110, Huntington, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF is providing geotechnical survey and mapping for the subsurface investigation. The project requires also field survey, mapping and analysis for underground utilities, and Right-of-Way (ROW). The ROW Survey includes record research, review of available information for accuracy and completeness, performance of additional ROW field survey, determination of the existing highway boundary and adjacent property lines for the project and the preparation and submission of an Abstract Request Map to the owner.

Catskill Delaware UV Disinfection and Filtration, NY

Client: NYC Department of Environmental Protection

EWF as a sub-consultant to Hazen Sawyer/Camp Dresser & McKee was responsible for providing topographic survey for design including a property line survey of 153 acres, layout of borings and coordination of approximately 300 wetlands and flags.

Westchester County Airport, Westchester, NY

Client: Westchester Airport, Westchester, NY

EWF performed a topographic survey for the proposed Taxiway “L” extension, located 400 feet west of centerline of Runway 16/34, approximately 500 feet by 600 feet. Spot elevations shall be taken at 75-foot grid for the entire area noted above, in addition to any breaks in grade, edges and corners of pavement. EWF was sub-consultant to STV Group Inc.

Korean War Memorial Parkway, Staten Island, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF performed field surveys to obtain data for design purpose not available from aerial photography and to improve accuracy of photogrammetric date. We set a benchmark system of 94 picture points and monumental elevation for GPS. We provided miscellaneous supplemental ground surveys when needed to keep mapping current and as required for design purposes. We determined horizontal and vertical ground control necessary to orient the aerial photography. We also provided field edit mapping survey, mapping of wetlands boundaries, Right-of- Way (ROW) survey and mapping.

Kosciuszko Bridge Survey, Queens, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

The project required the topographical mapping of a 1.5 mile long and 300 feet wide band around the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway along the northern and southern approaches to the Kosciuszko Bridge, for the purposes of structural improvements and general upgrading of the local areas. A two-mile horizontal and vertical traverse was laid down and tied to city monumentation and served as control for aerial photography flown over the area. Additional surveys of tunnels, streets and properties under the viaduct were accomplished using the radial side shot method and cross- sectioning. Topographic maps derived from the resulting information will be used to help design and urban planning.