Land Surveying & Mapping

PS971K- School Construction Authority New Building, Brooklyn, NY

Client: NYC School Construction Authority

Crack Monitoring, Existing Building Monitoring, Steel Erection Survey

Major Deegan Expressway, Bronx, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

Ewell W. Finely, P.C. is currently providing topographic survey services and digital terrain data required for design and construction of Major Deegan Expressway collector-distributor road. Surveying services for this project include field survey, field edit mapping geotechnical survey and ma[ping, subsurface investigation, underground utility survey, Metro-North track profile and ground features, preliminary highway design survey, cost estimating, etc.

World Trade Center Disaster Recovery Project, New York, NY

Client: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

EWF has provided surveying services for the monitoring of the slurry wall along the perimeter of the World Trade Center site. This was a necessary action to verify the wall stability, and movement fi any after the September 11, 2001 disaster.

Remedial Action for Pennsylvania Avenue Landfill, Brooklyn

Client: NYC Department of Environmental Protection

The work consists of establishing the landfill construction limits, the construction stakeout and the survey control performing the topographic survey and as-built survey providing stamped and sealed as-built drawings.

Queens West Development, Queens, NY

Client: NYS Urban Development Corp (presently Empire State Corp.)

The project area consists of approximately 170 acres, located in the Hunter’s Point section of Queens. It is a former LIRR rail yard and is bounded by 48th Avenue to the north, 5th Street to the west, at a distance of one hundred (100) feet from the easterly ROW side of Vernon Boulevard to the east and by various lots to the south. The purpose was to provide written description and a map showing the metes and bounds. EWF did the research to obtain deeds, maps, certificates or abstracts of title and other information as required to prepare a metes and bounds description and map denoting the record title boundaries including air rights. All existing easements, Right-of-Way (ROW) and Air Rights Maps were prepared to show the present owners of said easements.