Land Surveying & Mapping

Long Island Expressway, LIRR to 99th Street, Queens, NY – Design Services

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

EWF provided design services for the complete rehabilitation of the Long Island Expressway’s lighting systems from the LIRR to the 99th Street pedestrian bridge and the under deck lighting system for adjacent expressways. Work included preliminary design, advance design plans, final plans, specification & estimate, base mapping update, field verification of electrical/lighting facilities, changes in level illumination requirements, voltage drop calculations and sign lighting design.

Co-op City Topographic Survey, Bronx, NY

Client: NYS Housing Finance Agency

The project consisted of topographic and property line surveys of approximately 364 acres of a major housing project in the Bronx, NY. EWF developed base maps for preparation of engineering drawings for the required rehabilitation of streets and utilities throughout the area.

Major Deegan Expressway ROW Mapping & Survey, Bronx, NY

Client: NYS Department of Transportation

Survey searching and preparation of Abstract Request Maps (ARM), ROW plans and 200 Acquisition Maps for the entire length.

Queens General Hospital, Queens, NY

Client: Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

EWF provided Topographic & Property Line Survey of the 20 Acres hospital campus.