Traffic & Transportation Engineering

Ewell W. Finley, P.C. (EWF) has been involved in the design, rehabilitation and construction of many major highways and roadways throughout its 40 years of history; projects ranging from small to large, simple to complex. These projects include: bridge rehabilitation and replacement, highway rehabilitation and reconstruction, condition of existing roadways, culverts, sidewalk and bicycle paths and transportation studies or enhancement projects.

EWF services include Topographic Surveys, Aerial Photography, Geometric Design, Pavement Evaluation, Pavement Design, Storm Drainage, New Utility Lines, Utility Relocation, Retaining Walls, Street Lighting, Maintenance  and  Protection  of  Traffic  Signage, Pavement Markings, preparation of Abstract Request Maps (ARM), preparation of Right of Way Maps (ROW), Curb and Sidewalk Reconstruction, Installation of Pedestrian Amenities, Traffic Analysis, preparation of Acquisition Maps, Preparation of Erosion Control Plans, Road Alignment, Cost Estimation and preparation of contract documents.

EWF believes in working in a safe and healthy environment and will strive to design safe highways for the community. We will address any significant traffic issues with the client and will commit to finding a solution.

EWF provided highway reconstruction services to The New York State Department of Transportation at Hutchinson River Parkway Safety Improvement, Bronx, NY. We performed traffic analysis for the main roadway and the existing 39 access ramps with different exit sections of the parkway. EWF prepared an EEP, which includes a review of the Hutchinson River Parkway from the Whitestone Bridge to the New York City/Westchester County Line. Work also included review and recommendations for rehabilitation of bridge structures, pavement drainage, utility crossing, lighting and removal of all parkway substandard features. A complete topographic survey for the entire length of the project was also conducted.